812 Competizione

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812 Competizione

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Offer 9062651
Status in Inventory
Type of Car new car
Exterior color schwarz
Interior color black
Type of interior OTHER
Mileage (Kilometers) -
First registration -
Type of drive Rear wheel drive
Transmission dual clutch
Net/Export 1,200,000 €
Sales Tax (19%) 228,000 €
Total price 1,428,000 €
New vehicle with formal approval !

LT: Q1/Q2

Equipment: freely configurable !

The indicated price is the list price incl. surcharge/premium

The chargeable equipment is added !
Cylinders 12
Capacity 6496 cm³
Engine power 830 hp
Engine power Kilowatt 610 kW
Top speed 340 km/h
Acceleration 100 km/h 2.85 s
Acceleration 200 km/h 7.5 s
Torque 692 Nm
Curb weight 1588 kg
Fuel Benzin
Type of fuel Super-plus
Emission class EURO6D
Environmental badge green
Efficiency Class G
Consumption city 28.00 liter / 100 km
Consumption highway 12.60 liter / 100 km
Consumption combined 14.90 liter / 100 km
CO₂ emission 340 Gramm / km