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On this page, we would like to acquaint you with the 30-year-old success story of Auto Salon Singen. After many years of continuous expansion, we can now present approx. 200 vehicles of world-famous premium car manufacturers in our 3,000 sq m exhibition area. Additionally, we offer about 400 more automobiles, which, at any time, can be viewed under the menu item “Inventory”. From vintage cars of the pre-war-period to the hottest supercars we offer endless options – and we are an ideal partner no matter which car you are searching for.

Under the menu item “Refernces” you find numerous references in form of full vehicles’ description and image presentation including panorama pictures of selected cars’ interior. In 2011, we started with annually updated virtual tours through our exhibition area. In this way, our world-wide clientele has the chance to learning more about particular cars and our exclusive inventory. Automobiles are our passion. During your visit, we are looking forward to share this passion with you. Experiencing our vehicles on display is always worth a trip to Singen.

Our Product Offerings

Unlimited... because we are an independent dealer

Auto Salon Singen Markenvielfalt

Our brand diversity encompasses the spectrum of all well-known premium manufacturers. Among others, we provide cars by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc. Since we are independent, we are able to procure all current new vehicles of all premium brands, as well as limited production models, often sold out or no longer available. Our top-class connections enable us to make even the almost impossible possible for you.

Supercars / Hypercars

The Elite of Each One Manufacturer of Premium Automobiles

Auto Salon Singen Supercars

Everybody knows them and everybody loves them. WE HAVE THEM – the ultimate super sports cars! They are the fastest, the highly coveted, and they are the most cherished dreams on four wheels: the elite-models of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, McLaren, Maserati, Koenigsegg, Pagani, etc. – the pure adrenalin rush for young and old. We can fulfill your dreams and we have no problems in delivering these cars – without manufacturers’ restrictions. And best of all: since these supercars are built in a small number, they will most likely increase in value.

Premium Sports Cars

Built for our Emotional Needs

Auto Salon Singen Premium Sportwagen

“The bigger the choice the harder it is to choose”.

We can offer you a wide range of all the different sports cars from nearly all leading and well-known automobile manufacturers. You will have the chance comparing these models side by side. And our experience and knowledge will help you to make the right choice meeting your demands and expectations. A designated sales person will accompany you through our showroom providing professional advice.

Our Goal: Once you become our customer, you will be our customer forever!

Modern Classic Cars

Youngtimer - The Classic Cars of Tomorrow

Auto Salon Singen Youngtimer

“Youngtimer” will become the classic cars of tomorrow. Just like classic cars, youngtimer enjoy an increase in value, and quite a few already show enormous appreciation. The youngtimer’s clientele may be, above all, the younger generation as well as newcomers which both like more placing confidence in modern technology, suitability for daily use and vehicles’ reliability. Youngtimer as alternative investment! In a personal meeting, we would be pleased to give you individual advice.

Classic Cars

The Cultural Assets of our Ancestors

Auto Salon Singen Oldtimer

Is it a vintage car, a classic car, “garage gold”, historical heritage or just an old car? What gives these automobiles their special appeal? What makes them so desirable? – The remembrance of our fathers and grandfathers, the attention to detail, the pure driving experience or simply just the money investment? Acquiring a classic car would be always have the same advantages: a lot of driving enjoyment; you can keep safe your money in your garage; you can enjoy it any time you like; it is a suitable hedge against inflation ... to name but a few! For whatever reason you would like to acquire a classic car, we are the perfect partner!

Company Profile

Auto Salon Singen GmbH

In 1985, Fridolin Koltes incorporated Auto Salon Singen in Radolfzell. With this individual enterprise he fulfilled the dream in turning his hobby into his profession. Right from the beginning, he focused on the particularly well-kept and sought-after vehicles, which were hard to find on the market. Located in the “border triangle” Germany-Switzerland-Austria, business activity rapidly expanded first into those neighbouring countries and subsequently into new parts of the world. These were the first steps towards developing a global market presence.

In 1986, on the reopening in Singen, a varied range of 50 cars – from different time periods, car brands and car manufacturers – represented the business segment under one roof. From the beginning, customers were also offered to sell us their vehicle or, as a special service, consigning the car to us to be sold in the company's name and account. See menu item „Services“.

In 1990, Fridolin Koltes added the Auto Salon Singen GmbH and lead the company jointly with his wife Marliese Koltes.

In 1991, his eldest son, Michael Koltes, at the age of 24 and as graduate of business administration joined the company. He turned his hobby into his profession – just like his father. Year after year Auto Salon Singen increased the requirement for the very best quality and calibre of car. The market position and customer portfolio were expanded beyond the borders of Europe. Contacts had been established to customers in Canada, Korea, the USA and Japan. Collectors, actors, heads of large companies as well as other dealer colleagues became customers and partners of Auto Salon Singen.

In 2007, when Fridolin Koltes got severely ill, he handed over the business management to his son Michael, who continued successfully the family company. In the very same year, the second son Daniel, at age 30, joined the company. As an IT-specialist he managed the information technology processes as well as E-Commerce marketing and Internet presentation and helps and supports his brother in the successful growth of the company.

Today Auto Salon Singen GmbH presents itself as completely modernized in technology and website with a unique image. With a passionate and professional team, the family-run concern is looking forward to fulfilling nearly all customers’ automotive needs.

We would be pleased to welcome you in Auto Salon Singen!