964 Carrera RS

964 Carrera RS

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Dennis Hummelsiep
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Offer 9061716
Status in Stock
Type of Car Modern Classic
Exterior color indischrot
Interior color black
Type of interior Fabric
Mileage (Kilometers) 89,000 km
First registration Feb 14, 1995
Previous owners 2
Type of drive Rear wheel drive
Transmission manual
Net/Export 240,000 €
Sales Tax (19%) 45,600 €
Total price 285,600 €

Porsche 964 RS "NGT" delivered new in Switzerland.

In 1992, Porsche produced a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive only version of the 964 called the Carrera RS.
A stripped-out interior devoid of luxuries such as electric windows, rear seats, air conditioning, and cruise control were part of the RS package, as were the bucket front seats. The hood was made of aluminium, the chassis was seam welded, and sound deadening was deleted. Furthermore, the glass was thinner in the doors and rear window. The Carrera RS is approximately 155 kg lighter than the standard model.
The NGTs were further stripped-out with all carpets and soundproofing removed. Front carpets were replaced with plywood footboards, a full welded cage was fitted, and seats were Nomex-covered rather than leather. Additionally, the NGTs featured a long-range fuel tank, plumbed in fire extinguisher, external cut-off, fire extinguisher release, and a relocated DME. Harder and more track focused, these were great racers and are still running in events like the Nurburgring 24Hrs. A total of just 290 were made.

Cylinders 6
Capacity 3600 cm³
Engine power 260 hp
Engine power Kilowatt 191 kW
Top speed 260 km/h
Acceleration 100 km/h 5.3 s
Torque 325 Nm
Curb weight 1220 kg
Fuel Benzin
Type of fuel Super-plus
Emission class EURO2
Environmental badge green