3/8 Litre Special

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Dennis Hummelsiep
Dennis  Hummelsiep Phone : +49 (0) 7731 99 55 62
Offer 88671
Status in Inventory
Type of Car Classic Car
Exterior color british racing green
Interior color green
Type of interior Leather
Mileage (Kilometers) 999,999 km
First registration Jan 26, 1924
Type of drive Rear wheel drive
Transmission manual
Net/Export Price on request
Sales Tax (19%) No
Total price Price on request

-WORLD'S FASTEST BENTLEY- is in the Bentley book on page 339. -8 - Liter YR 5100 twin turbochargers, Flight kilo at 158.20 mph.- This is a huge machine. The offered Bentley has an 8-liter straight-six engine with 2 SU carburetors and 2 turbochargers. The power given to it is enormous and is stated with over 500 HP.

Bentley Motors has always produced vehicles for eccentric enthusiasts who, in addition to the high quality, also found excitement for the special features of the different vehicle types.

A supporter of this historic brand, John-Jumbo-Goddard was an Australian-born eccentric and fan of the Bentley brand. The Bentley 3 liters, which was very respected in the 1920s, had done it to him and he fulfilled his dream in 1928. The 3-liter four-cylinder brought it to a proud 80 hp. It did not take long until Goddard felt the need for even more power. He brought the car to the Bentley factory, where he was mounted 2 SU carburetors and a new intake manifold. Although the performance was now increased, he was not satisfied yet. He used a Cozette vane-type compressor, but he could not make a real -Bower-Bentley from his car. There was nothing more to be done at the moment. Goddard carefully kept his Bentley over the war years. In 1946 Goddard made a discovery on a scrap yard that would change the fate of his car forever. He found a Bentley 8-liter engine underneath the hood between all the gunpots and military remains. Immediately he invested the required 100 pounds And a bit of work and had become the proud owner of a genuine Bentley six-cylinder engine. Only 100 Bentleys with the 8-liter engine had been built as such a motor finally came into the old hospital car is still a mystery today, although individual reports exist that also have an exceptional use of one of these particular engines told. Goddard needed a period of eight years until he decided to use the engine in his 3-liter Bentley. A huge task. He won the Rolls Royce and Bentley Specialist McKenzie. They had to reinforce and shorten the frame, use telescopic shock absorbers, and thanks to Goddart's foresight, they also had hydraulic brakes. Parker, the vice president of Garrett Corporation, the manufacturer of the much lauded turbocharger for diesel engines, supported him in his project . So the Goddard Bentley became a huge tractor with twin turbocharger. After completion of the work, the engine had the enormous power of 550 hp at 4,000 rpm. Even at 2,000 rpm, the engine produces a whopping 200 hp on the rear wheels. He set a new record at 254.6 km / h, and he was talking about the fact that he had not stopped himself. When Goddard died in 1983, his widow kept the car until the early 1990s. Until a few years ago, he remained in British territory until he found a new home in a neighboring European country in 2006.

Such an single piece certainly offers a sporty ambitious lover of powerful historical sports cars the fulfillment of his dreams. Do not let this vehicle going

Cylinders 6
Capacity 7983 cm³
Engine power 550 hp
Engine power Kilowatt 404 kW
Top speed 240 km/h
Fuel Benzin
Type of fuel Super
Environmental badge none