290 Cabrio

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Michael Koltes
Michael  Koltes Phone : +49 (0) 7731 99 55 55
Offer 35492
Status in Inventory
Type of Car Classic Car
Exterior color cremeweiss
Interior color beige
Type of interior Leather
Mileage (Kilometers) 20 km
First registration Jul 1, 1936
Type of drive Rear wheel drive
Transmission manual
Net/Export -
Sales Tax (19%) no VAT reclaimable § 25a UStG
Total price 550,000 €
This -Mercedes - Benz 290 Sport Roadster- was very costly about many years and as faithfully as possible, restored. The vehicle has, of course, the 4 gearbox From 1936 there were on the long chassis also features elegant roadster version of the Sindelfingen plant. The elongated silhouette radiated elegance and sportiness in a most appealing way out. Worldwide, there are the original Sindelfingen Roadster only three copies. History: Was built from 1933 1937 and at the Berlin Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz Type 290 the successor of the type of Mannheim. The engine was much smaller, designed the entire vehicle is considerably more modern. It was especially to the first vehicle with two swinging axes, which brought a significant gain in comfort. Technically and formally of the type 290 but was more like an enlarged type 200th The Type 290 was developed by the clientele immediately accepted as a luxury car of the highest class, especially since there are a variety of different bodies (four-door sedan, four-door touring car, Convertible A, B, C and D as well as jeeps) and also the bare chassis for dressing the body tailor their own choice Buy admitted. A year after the presentation was offered by 42 inch extended version also that there were still more variations. On the long chassis also been a Pullman saloon, a convertible F, a roadster, offered a streamlined sedan and a special saloon. It soon became apparent that customers preferred the long version, before the type was replaced by the Type 290 1937 320th
Cylinders 6
Capacity 2847 cm³
Engine power 68 hp
Engine power Kilowatt 50 kW
Top speed 108 km/h
Curb weight 1650 kg
Fuel Benzin
Type of fuel Super