964 Turbo 3.3

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Personal data

Heiko Ott
Heiko  Ott Phone : +49 (0) 7731 99 55 66 ho@auto-salon-singen.de
Offer 221081
Status in Inventory
Type of Car Modern Classic
Exterior color weiss foliert
Interior color grey
Type of interior Leather
Mileage (Kilometers) 92,800 km
First registration Dec 2, 1992
Type of drive Rear wheel drive
Transmission manual
Net/Export -
Sales Tax (19%) no VAT reclaimable § 25a UStG
Total price 169,900 €
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Cylinders 6
Capacity 3299 cm³
Engine power 320 hp
Engine power Kilowatt 235 kW
Top speed 270 km/h
Acceleration 100 km/h 5 s
Torque 450 Nm
Curb weight 1470 kg
Fuel Benzin
Type of fuel Super-plus
Emission class EURO1
Environmental badge green